Lumafit Interactive Fitness Tracker Helps You Stay in Shape

Do you find it hard to stay motivated while at the gym? You no longer have to hire a coach to tell you what to do and to measure your progress, as the Lumafit interactive fitness tracker can do all that for you.

Fitness trackers come in various shapes and sizes nowadays, so picking one over the other may seem difficult at first. Sure, you should take price into consideration, but it’s actually the features and the build quality that make the difference. Lumafit seems to be the ultimate virtual couch, as it is a wearable that comes with a companion app for your smartphone.

The medical-grade sensor that’s included in the Lumafit fitness tracker is able to measure your heart rate very accurately, fact that will help you keep track of how many calories you’re burning daily. One of the interesting aspects is that you can set goals in the app so that you always stay motivated. After setting the goals, you’ll get customized workouts that can help you beat your best times and lift heavier weights.

Lumafit doesn’t require you to have a certain fitness level, as it can adapt its recommendations to any level. Heart data and 3D motion are recorded using an ear sensor, but you shouldn’t worry about it falling off while doing vigorous exercises, as the tracker fits quite snuggly. Feedback is provided in real-time, so you’ll know how to adjust your workout for the best results.

Available only in black for both iOS and Android, the Lumafit interactive fitness tracker has the following specs:

  • One full charge provides up to 4 hours of battery life
  • Standard USB
  • 100mA battery
  • Photoplethmograph
  • Accelerometer
  • Range: 98.43 feet
  • Weighs 0.68 oz

Considering the weight and its dimensions, you will barely feel that you’re wearing it. That’s a really important aspect that many fitness tracker manufacturers seem to neglect. Such wearables shouldn’t be cumbersome to wear, as that would ruin the entire experience.

The battery life may not sound like much, but it’s enough to get you through a lengthy workout. If you don’t exercise every day, you’ll probably end up charging the Lumafit interactive fitness tracker twice a week or so. In this scenario, the battery should last a very long time.

To buy the Lumafit interactive fitness tracker, head over to our store, Walyou Deals, where you will find it for $149. The deal will expire in five days, so if you think that this is a gadget that could improve your workouts, you should act now. As usual, all sales are final and all orders are shipped for free to continental US addresses, with deliveries expected to take place between April 23 and 26. The Android version is available at the same price here. This might seem pricey, but in the long run it will help you save money as it actually helps you workout more efficiently.

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