Relax After a Hard Day in Your Very Own Two Tiered Jacuzzi

Apartments in the most affluent sections of NYC are not as luxurious or as big as these fully loaded two tiered jacuzzis. Come in for a drink, relax while watching your favorite television show, or even get some exercise in.

At Walyou, when the work day is done and over with, we like to go home, sit back, and relax. With the summer just around the corner, it is time to enjoy the beautiful warm weather. And what better way to kick back and unwind in the summer heat then by relaxing in a two tiered jacuzzi?!

Bigger than some apartments you will find in New York City, this amazing jacuzzi is the kind you picture in your mind, with no extravagance spared. The ultimate in backyard indulgence, the Luxema 8000 boasts not only 130 separate jets as well as nine water pumps, but a fully stocked bar and flat-screen television. I don’t know about you, but I am thinking about moving into one.

While it will no doubt impress your family members and friends (and keep a constant flow of visitors because everyone will want to enjoy your jacuzzi) and increase the value of your home, the Luxema 8000 will set you back more than $26,000.

row, row, row your jacuzzi…

The mammoth jacuzzi weights in at 1,500 kilograms (not counting once you fill it with water) and features six seats inside. For those looking to get some exercise in while in the jacuzzi, the top portion of this behemoth can be used for swimming – just up the intensity of the jets and swim against the created current.

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