UMi Hammer 64-bit Android Smartphone Exhibits Toughness

Chinese smartphone manufacturer UMi has concluded that releasing only a few devices and focusing on providing a good software experience is much better than launching an endless number of phones with minimal software support.

UMi likes to think things through and to build a community around its devices, with people that discuss ways of improving the software, and so on. To prove that it is not locked onto a single ROM, UMi worked on creating alternatives, and even developed RootJoy, a piece of software for Windows to enable people to flash new ROMs to their UMi phones with greater ease. Last year, it launched UMi Zero, a device that provided excellent value for the price, despite lacking 4G LTE. Now, the company looked to correct its mistakes by launching a sturdy 64-bit smartphone that can withstand pretty harsh use conditions.

The durable alloy chassis, combined with the Corning Gorilla Glass-protected screen, hint at why this smartphone is named Hammer. The dual glass and the aluminum frame make the device not only very durable, but also very good looking.

Under the hood, this dual-SIM Android 4.4 smartphone packs Mediatek’s MT6732A 64-bit chipset that includes a quad-core CPU running at 1.5Ghz and a Mali-450 GPU clocked at 700Mhz. The 2GB of RAM Hammer comes with are enough to ensure smooth multitasking. In terms of storage, the phone packs 16GB of internal memory that are furthermore expandable via a microSD card of up to 64GB.

While most of the other Chinese manufacturer are going for 5.5″ HD displays these days, UMi is convinced that a 5-inch screen is better, from several points of view. First of all, the pixel density is higher, and secondly, there’s a much smaller pressure on the 2250mAh battery. Sure, that capacity could’ve been larger, but with proper optimization, it could still provide juice for more than just a day.

As far as the cameras are concerned, the Hammer sports a 13MP camera on the back, along with dual LED flash, and a 3.2MP camera in the front. These might represent the main drawbacks of this otherwise good smartphone. The decent performance and the prospect of a future update to Android 5.0 Lollipop should determine most people to overlook this aspect, though.

UMi Hammer is currently available on 1949deal for $126.99, if you apply the coupon code 1949deal0808 at checkout.

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