Apple Patents Unbreakable iPhone Technology

While my iPhone 4S is the sturdiest phone I have ever held, lots of people drop their phones way more often than I probably do.

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Apple certainly knows that people end up broken touchscreens and expensive repair works each time they smash their iPhone by dropping it from up above.

unbreakable iphone patent 1

With that in mind, Apple has filed for a patent which will help future iPhones to absorb shock and almost become unbreakable. The weight inside the handset shall be optimized to alter the phone’s center of gravity so that when they phone falls down, the impact is minimal. Apple’s ‘Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device’ was published by the U.S. Patent and trademark Office and will soon give Apple’s competitors arrhythmias and chronic migraines.

What’s more, Apple didn’t just think of altering the centre of gravity. They have also come up with strange but innovative ideas that include grips on the headphone cord, wings for your iPhone and even a gas canister that reduces the impact on the device when it hits the ground. The system consists of a device that comes with a processor, a communication sensor, and a protective mechanism. Moreover, this technology is not limited to just iPhones.

unbreakable iphone patent 3

They can be applied to tablets like iPads and if Apple chooses, it can sell this technology to rival companies who make gadgets like Samsung, Nokia and HTF. Obviously, Apple being Apple, will hold on to its patents dearly, while us iPhone users will continue to hold on to our iPhones just as dearly, no matter what happens in the  near future.

unbreakable iphone patent 4

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on the other hand revealed that Amazon has a patent that would utilize accelerometers to detect when a device falls down and airbags would burst out of the device before it falls down. Aesthetically, it will look bad and I don’t want my iPhone with airbags and can live with a few scratches. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to Apple’s patent being implemented by the time I buy my next iPhone.

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