13 Alternative Haggadahs for Passover Seder

A lot of Jewish people are getting tired of the same old Seder and Haggadah. Luckily for them, there are those creative (or profit-thinking) enough to come up with new ways to orchestrate the most annoying night of the year for those following the Jewish Holidays.

For the Jews & Buddhists

For Jews & Buddhists

The more Zen type might enjoy this version.

The Confused Jew Book

Confused Jew Book

Haggadah Good Feeling About This is for those who take their Seder, and religion, without too many quantities of seriousness.

A Seder in Another Dimension

3-d Haggadah

3-D Haggadah.

The So Called Seder

Hip Hop Seder

The So-Called Seder comes in CD format, featuring a Matzoh on a turntable. Can’t get any cooler than that.

The Feminist Version

Feminist Seder

Four sons? No, four daughters.

The DIY Version

Pinterest Haggadah

A website that allows you to put together your own custom Haggada.

The Facebook Version

The Facebook Version

The story of Passover is told in a series of Facebook updates.

A Passover for Christians

A passover for christians

An authentic Jewish Passover Seder, from a distinctively Christian perspective.

Vegetarian Seder

Vegetarian Seder

No meat (and no fun) in the Haggadah For The Vegetarian Family.

Followed, Naturally, by an Animal Rights Version

Animal Rights Haggadah

Haggadah For The Liberated Lamb is not only vegetarian, it also “celebrates compassion for all creatures.”

J-Date Sales Pitch

Jdate sales pitch

The introduction reads: “Look around and appreciate all you have, for we were once Pharaoh’s slaves in Egypt where there was no cell reception and very few taxi cabs.” It’s downloadable on your phone or iPad.

For People Who are A Little Bit Shy

Shy Seder

The Un-Haggadah.

The One Revised by a Famous Author

Famous Authors Haggadah

Jonathan Safran Foer wrote this New American Haggadah.