The Inconspicuous Matter Project: The ‘Electric’ Design

People pay a lot of attention to how they design their homes. Comments from friends and relatives are sought as well as advice from the interior design experts. Hours are spent on choosing the right color tone for the walls and the perfect design. What if the various electric circuits running around your dream home, or the walls in particular, could provide the artistic flourish you are looking for.Designer Celine Marcq has conceptualized a design project based on the electric energy that is elementally simply, yet creative enough to impress each and everyone. Celine Marcq uses the electric circuits that run around walls and the energy that flows through them as a colourful palette that would distinguish the walls of a house. Inconspicuous Matter Project is the title of designer’s project.

At the core of this design project are responsive materials that would react intuitively to the energy flowing through the wall. The aesthetics of the responsive material would be in a free flowing manner, like scribbled lines and sprayed dots. These lines and dots would course through the walls and light up in a bright colorful manner as electric energy passes from one point to another.

The electro reactive material is in the form of wallpaper that can be installed on the wall. Once a switch is turned on, the electro sensitive wallpaper would reflect the flow of energy by lighting up in a soft gentle manner. The creative lighting on the wallpaper lights up in a cascading manner reflecting the amount of electric energy.

Imagine a blank wall where an eclectic mix of colors fade in and fade out. It would definitely be an artistic and aesthetic statement. the Inconspicuous Matter Project wishes to be an ecological statement as well.

Energy consumption is at the fore of global with dwindling natural resources. If we are not careful about the way we consume precious energy resources, we may have none left. Through the design project, Celine Marcq wishes to draw our attention to the way energy is consumed in our own homes.

The visual flow of electric energy, conveyed through the electro sensitive wallpaper would bring our attention to the invisible amounts of energy that circulate around our house. This awareness would draw attention to our energy consuming habits.

The Inconspicuous Matter Project by Celine Marcq works on many levels with its main intention being to decorate the walls in an aesthetic and creative manner.

If ideas like that of Inconspicuous Matter Project can result in fabulous art work, I am sure so will Light Emitting Wallpaper and Giant GI Joe Stickers.

Via: YankoDesign