Use Brewbot With Your iPhone to Brew Beer at Home

An Irish company is currently raising funds to bring Apple-infused craft beer into our lives. Is this mix of smart technology and brewing something we should look for, though?

Cargo, the developer of the Brewbot, intends to redefine the way craft beer is made, provided that the company gets the funds required for mass producing their machine. At the core of the Brewbot lies an Arduino micro-controller that operates valves and pumps, besides enabling people to monitor temperature and times on an iOS app.

Brewbot is currently featured on Kickstarter, where Cargo is trying to raise funds for mass producing this smart brewing appliance. The company established a £100,000 (approximately $160,000) goal which should be reached in the following 25 days, and at press time it had only amassed £45,522 (~$72,000). Early bird packages are no longer available, but anyone wanting to secure a Brewbot for themselves should back the project with £1,700, the equivalent of $2,700.

Additional technical details about the Brewbot are available on the Kickstarter page. Unlike other crowdfunded things, the Brewbot is on the hefty side of things. It weighs 100 kg, so it might be a bit difficult to have it delivered. The manufacturer claims that shipping to the UK, Ireland or the US shouldn’t be more than £150/$240.

Above and below are two screenshots from the iOS app that accompanies this brewing machine. Upon adding the ingredients to the machine and selecting the desired recipe, the Brewbot will start doing what it is supposed to do: create high-quality craft beer in a smart, modern way.

I wonder how come there are no trademark lawsuits, as Brewbot is owned by Kraft Foods, the maker of the Tassimo coffee machines. Either Kraft is unaware of this, or Cargo somehow gained permission to use the name. Whatever the case may be, I must say that this name is quite uninspired, and that they could have come up with something more creative.

Personally, I never liked gadgets that rely on other gadgets to complete a task. What if the iPhone breaks unexpectedly? Are you supposed to stop brewing beer till you get a new one? As far as I know, Android has the biggest chunk of market share in Europe, so why not make a compatible Android app for the Brewbot, as well? It looks to me like the company has already decided who its customers are, and it only favors people from one side of the pond.

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