Electric Amphibious Vehicle Delivers Beer on Land and Water

Nothing is more important in the summer than to stay hydrated, so make sure your drinks are delivered in a timely manner. Alcohol actually causes dehydration, but don’t let that stop you!

So you’re enjoying by the side of the pool or on the beach the free days you begged for on your knees in front of your boss. You’d kill die for a cold drink, but at the same time, you’re also too lazy to get to the bar. Well, this could be your lucky day! All you have to do is pick up that remote control that suddenly appeared next to you and direct an electric beer-carrying minion your way.

No need to worry, this vehicle is able to cover distances equally well on land and on water. For hard surfaces, it features four wheels that make it look like a normal RC car (well, tank, since this vehicle also has a turret). I’m not sure how the electric amphibious beer delivery vehicle moves on sand, since the wheels might not be that rough, nor big enough for such conditions. However, if you decide to use by the pool, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Remember that turret that I mentioned earlier? It seems that the vehicle also packs a water cannon that’s supposed to add a fun twist. Pretty much, you get the option to make that buddy of yours who was impertinent enough to ask you for a beer soaking wet. Speaking of the main purpose of this vehicle, there’s room for four beers, and both bottles and cans are perfectly fine. If there are waves or the ground is bumpy, you should probably stick to cans, though. Since the vehicle also features high-intensity LED blinking navigation lights, it could be also used at night.

Unlike many other great gadgets that we see nowadays on the Web, this one is actually commercially available. It can be purchased from FrontGate for $99.00. The electric amphibious vehicle might actually be worth the money if the materials it’s built from are of a decent enough quality. In case you decide to buy it, you will also have to pay for a 9V battery, as the vehicle does not come with one. Still, that’s a minor downside, considering how great this vehicle looks, both on the ground and on the water.

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