uTest Crowdsourced App Testing Service

It’s always important to have your digital product tested before release or big problems could quickly lead to people avoiding it, even once the bugs are ironed out. uTest is a new start-up we met at Techonomy which provides testing services for companies that lack their own internal quality assurance methods. With over 35,000 professionals from over 150 countries, uTest has the numbers to make something like this work. They also cover a wide variety of products to test ranging from games to web and desktop applications to the many mobile apps being created every day.

uTest Crowdsourced App Testing

Their services cover the major types of testing as well, with functional testing covering the all-important bug catching and making sure the app works on various platforms or with various browsers. Load testing makes sure things like your web app can handle the traffic and usage, while usability testing allows one to get feedback on their application and help tailor it to certain demographics. Their webpage goes over all the details, and a quote for the cost of services will also show what you can expect to be covered by the service.

The diversity of the testers also serves to offer clients comprehensive testing from various angles. By organizing with a project manager at uTest, you can let them know what types of testers you’re seeking so you can have all the bases covered. If a specific tester stands out, you can even make a request to have that tester re-appear in as many additional testing cycles as possible. uTest seems very determined to ensure clients get exactly what they’re looking for, understanding that different apps require different needs.

The uTest website is packed with case studies, offering lots of insight into how the process works from beginning to end and which big companies have benefited from the testing services. If you’re more into checking out fully tested and released apps, don’t miss our coverage of the Top 10 Free iPhone Apps for Students and the 9 Essential Android Apps.