Totally Rad Rover V8 Engine Coffee Table

Though Rover V8 engine was originally designed by the General Motors, it has been used in a wide range of vehicles since 1967.

In fact, the engine has become a culture icon among modders as it has allowed creating machines that are significantly different from vehicles and automobiles. Sylwester Grumula’s V8 Engine Coffee Table is an ode to that iconic engine and has everything that would make V8 fans gloat in their sense of nostalgia. It comes with cylinders that can be used to store bottles and the table itself is very curiously designed.

It would surely be a topic for discussion no matter who comes to your house. It is one of those coffee tables that you should get especially if your friends are into automobile and vehicle designing. There is no information about either its price or availability but I am guessing it is just a prototype.

You might also want to take a look at the V8 Computer Case Mod which adequately reflects the power of machines and engines. The Google Chrome Cake with V8 engine is a rather bizarre way to bake a dessert. If you are an auto modder, you should go ahead and think of a unique way to create a V8-inspired product too!