Awakening Mosaic: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!

Wake up and smell the coffee is an often repeated phrase that almost gets on our nerves for having been used way too often, even when it is not required.

However, when we come across a mosaic such as the “Awakening Mosaic“, we can’t help but admit there is again of truth is that old saying. Coffee probably is the first beverage most people drink when they wake up and Russian artist Arkadi Kim has created the world’s largest coffee bean mosaic inspired by it.

The mosaic is installed in Gorky Park, Moscow and he used almost 1 million coffee beans to create the 180kg mosaic. The Awakening shows a girl and coffee aroma making its way to her nose.

The mosaic has already been listed in the Russia’s Book of Records, and it remained in Gorky Park until July 1st. By now, it would be dismantled and the beans would have been sent to a processing plant. At least, the photographs will eternalize this beautiful mosaic and inspire other artists to create similar art works in the future.

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