Valve partners with HTC for VR headset Vive

HTC and Valve have surprised everyone by teaming up for a new, virtual reality headset called Vive.

Valve HTC Vive 1

A virtual reality headset co-designed by the video game giants Valve and the hardware masters at HTC is coming out soon, and it’s name is Vive. The heaset is coming out this spring, and will be featured at the next Game Developers Conference taking place next week, just so we have another event to look forward to after WMC.

Vive is a new headset with two 1200 x 1080 displays capable of 90 frames per second, aimed to “eliminate jitter” and achieving “photorealistic imagery” in HTC’s words. The idea is to achieve a 360-degree view, giving users a “full room-scale” experience. Users will be able to get up, walk around and explore virtual spaces, and even interact with it giving it an augmented reality edge too.

Valve HTC Vive 2

The headset will be made available with some HTC wireless controllers meant to help the users navigate the interface, because just viewing in 3D is not enough for playing games or navigating spaces. Regardless, versatility is the name of the game and what the companies want for this headset is to not have only one use: ” While the Vive will certainly play nice with games, but it’s also about other experiences, including virtual reality through partners like HBO, Lionsgate, and Google.” HTC talked about it at MWC, and their hopes of it becoming a mainstream success for the entire world. they want to make it available for live concerts in real time, learning history or “reliving memories”

We’ll keep you updated once the Game Developers conference takes place and we see more of it, but the Vive might be the next big thing not only for gamers, but for the tech world at large.

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