A New Vending Machine Makes it Easy for Patients to Get Medical Marijuana

With numerous technological advancements being made every day, it was only time before the medical marijuana industry took advantage of it with their new auto-dispenser machines.

Hey guys, 4/20 may be another 300-and 60-some-odd days away, but that does not mean we have to stop talking about marijuana. According to the Orange County Register, California residents are now able to legally get medical marijuana through a completely automated vending machine known as the AutoSpense.

Now, before you all get excited and start entertaining a number of delightful possibilities, keep this in mind – this dispensary machine will only work with a legal medical marijuana card and a scan of the patient’s thumbprint, and payment, of course.

“AutoSpense, a stand-alone machine embedded with a customized software solution, aims to become the model for government compliance and will bridge the gap between storeowners and governmental agencies with its accurate tracking and management of medical marijuana,” said founder and CEO of DispenseLabs, Joe DeRobbio. “In addition to improving financial accountability and security for storeowners and patients alike, AutoSpence addresses issue at the state and federal level with 24/7 tracking and electronic reporting capabilities.”

The software utilized in the vending machine controls all transactions and completely manages the entire inventory. This will aid in improving security, accountability, profitability, and of course, overall customer satisfaction, especially for those who are not able to get to a dispensary between normal business hours. How does it work? Patients will have to provide proper identification and documentation. They will then be issued a pre-approved membership/registration card and then they have the option to register their finger print with the system if they will need to use the dispenser after store hours. This will provide access to the AutoSpence 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The vending machine complies with the HIPAA privacy rule and will automatically rotate its pre-packaged inventory to maintain freshness and quality control. This offers storeowners numerous solutions associated with the current medical marijuana business. It is a ground breaking technology providing individuals with standardized and secure access to medical marijuana.

The first place to receive the AutoSpence is The Dispensary Store in Santa Ana, California.

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