Vibe iOS App Helps You Share Thought Bubbles, famous already for its iOS app AskLocal, recently launched a new iPhone app that allows sharing thoughts and photos with people nearby.


This iOS app could prove very useful at lectures, panels and even conferences.There are numerous projectors out there for the mobile Apple products, so displaying the questions and answers of the participants on a wall is really easy. Besides, such an iOS app would certainly ease the communication between people who attend concerts or sports events. Hence, the age of the audience targeted by with this app varies a lot, and so does the purpose of Vibe.

Hazem Sayed, founder of and architect of this iOS app declared:”Vibe is a must have app for ad hoc communication with people around you, whether fellow students at a lecture, attendees at a conference, office workers, or just plain old waiting in a long line.” In addition, the fact that users do not have to register or login was emphasized: “We make a big deal of the fact that Vibe works without registration or login.  Sometimes you just want to have conversations in a setting without friend-following-checking-in about it, no?”

Besides the anonymous way of sharing thought bubbles, another feature that is worth appreciation is the ability to select the duration and the loudness of the thought. Users can choose to Whisper, Speak, Shout or Yell, for a duration of 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day or 10 days, respectively. The loudness is in fact an equivalent for the range. A whisper gets to 130 foot, a “speak” to 1,000 foot, a shout to 6 miles and a yell to 300 miles. Basically, it is even possible to share the thought bubbles across a country.

Vibe is available as a free iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad app in the Apple App Store.

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