Video Leak Suggests Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Phone to Arrive Soon in the US

Samsung Galaxy Z flip

Those who were worried that the Galaxy Z Flip wouldn’t arrive in the US can relax. The latest video leak not only confirms Galaxy Z Flip’s arrival in the US but also throws light on certain features that many reviewers didn’t previously know about. 

Galaxy Z Flip phone likely to come with an AT&T contract

The foldable phone comes with an AT&T logo, which makes it clear that it will be offered via a plan by the aforementioned telecom company. The phone has already generated a lot of interest among users who have long sought a foldable phone, far removed from the modern-day iPhone lookalikes. A quick look at the video will clear many doubts.

Here are some of the tentative features of Galaxy Z Flip phone:

  • The smartphone makes use of a Snapdragon 855+ chip, thanks to which the phone will likely be very responsive
  • The 6.7 screens should be enough to play games, watch movies, and make video calls without squinting one’s eyes
  • The 2,636 x 1,080 resolution also seems to transform this smartphone into a visual delight
  • The 256GB built-in storage is not much, but hopefully, you can make do with some cloud storage services
  • The Galaxy Z Flip phone can be used when it is bent
  • The two rear cameras and a single hole-punch front camera are sure to satiate any photographer’s picture cravings
  • Unfortunately, the phone neither comes with a headphone jack nor a microSD expansion.

When will the phone be released in the market?

It is not clear when the phone will be out in the market. As Galaxy S20 is still making news, launching the Galaxy Z Flip phone may hurt the parent company. Consequently, one may see a delayed release of the Z Flip. A few other observers note that the phone may come as soon as the 14th of February. This phone will be lapped up by consumers quite eagerly, as it promises several attractive features, minus a few details that could otherwise have been included. 

Regardless of when the phone will be released, the Galaxy Z Flip marks Samsung’s departure from making iPhone-like phones and launching designs that are unique in their own right. From a business perspective, this is impressive, and the company is moving in the right direction.