Villette New Range of Custom Electric Doubleneck Guitars

Since the times of Led Zeppelin the world of Doubleneck guitars was dominated by names like the Siamese SG used by the likes of Jimmy Page or the Gibson EDS-1275, used by Don Felder; Villette Guitars is now trying to make a mark on this industry by launching their own line of custom electric doubleneck guitars, and I must admit that they have packed quite a punch in every one of these guitars!doubleneck1

The standard doubleneck guitar is the amazing combination of a 12 stringed guitar neck on the top and the usual 6 stringed guitar neck at the bottom, thus allowing the player to have a large span and a lot of room for experimenting. The new custom range of Villette doubleneck guitars boasts of a unique design through which they were able to narrow the gap between the two necks thus making the guitar lighter and more user friendly.


Their added feature of angular bridges makes it possible for the guitarist to pick hard or strum wildly on the upper 12 stringed section without accidentally trespassing the 6 string’s domain. Each guitar’s electronics is a custom job and is done according to user preferences. The company has also developed a special wiring mechanism that allows the player to assign an acoustic tone to one of the neck while an electric tone to the other, thus enabling the player to quickly switch to a split acoustic/electric doubleneck.


There is a host of custom configurations for the players to choose from, while the company is also working on 7string/14string version, the pricing is placed at just below the $6000 mark.


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