Bloody Bear Claw Holder Won’t Lose the Grip on Your Phone

Inspired by Gloomy Bear, Strapya is now selling the bloody plush paw of the pink bear as an iPhone accessory. If you’ve ever felt like a Davy Crockett kind of guy in a modern era, this pouch might be your ticket.

In case you’re out of the loop, Gloomy Bear is a pink, violent cartoon bear created by Mori Chack, a Japanese artist, and stuffed animals of the character are becoming popular in Japan. According to Chack’s Wiki, Gloomy Bear was created in spite of Disney and Hello Kitty’s overly cute and friendly animal characters. This might explain why Gloomy Bear’s favorite meal is humans, and his toy depictions are always covered in blood. This phone-carrying paw is no different.

Strapya World's Gloomy Bear smartphone holder

The bear claw pouch is quite a stark product, as it’s really quite large. It’s about 8 inches long;4 across, and it’s impossible to miss the neon-pink fur and three bloody claws. The interior pouch is red and appears to be able to hold a lot more than just your phone. It also attaches to your belt loop with a red caribiner.

The description of the product is quite hilarious and warns owners of the claw that to watch Gloomy in order to keep him from attacking others. While we certainly doubt this prop will harm anyone, we can only imagine walking around with this giant thing swinging on your hip. Also, it’s such a novelty item, it begs the question, would you really want to store anything important in this thing?

Gloomy’s claw will certainly get you looks on the street in the U.S. where he isn’t as well-known, but it would probably be pretty fly in Tokyo. This one will run you 15.70 USD (not including shipping), but it is currently sold out.

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