Virgin’s New Upper Class Cabin Takes the Mile High Club to New Heights

Traveling in the lap of luxury is all the rage these days, if you have the money to do it. And Virgin is making sure if your travel upper class, you do it in real style.

With luxury air travel reaching new levels, many prestigious airline companies are forgetting that the global economy just went through a massive recession, and are now doing all that they can to entice the one percent by providing the best in in-flight opulence that will lead to effortless, comfortable travel. Virgin Atlantic is taking its cue from this movement and offering a brand new Upper Class Suite in a fuchsia color that looks like it came out of Lisa Frank’s color repertoire. The new cabin cost the airline around £100 million, but a ticket will be slightly less than that. (But not by much!)

Currently on their planes, Virgin is currently providing a full video tour of this brand new cabin, which will be found on their fleet of Airbus A330s flying the London to New York route. This cabin will not only offer an eight foot bar, but also curtains studded with literally one-thousand Swarovski crystals, and a revolutionary new comfort system offering an 87 inch leather bed surface that transforms into a super lounger with enough space to really enable flyers to get comfy on those long flights.

And then there is the entertainment. Every suite will be equipped with a 12.1 inch touch screen monitor installed with JAM – Virgin Atlantic’s brand new entertainment system. Passengers will be able to connect their tablet, USB stick, or their phone to the system and access their personal data. Furthermore, JAM will provide passengers with access to the latest television shows, movies, and video games. There are many other features as well, but Virgin Atlantic is keeping mum until the first passengers step right on board.

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am thinking about robbing a bank and hitching a ride on the new Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Suite. (And then possibly using the rest to pay off those stinkin’ student loans, but that is another story entirely!)

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