Qantas’ Enterprise-like First Class

Qantas, Australia’s major airline, has debuted its new Airbus A380 first class, and geeks would be forgiven if they mistook the interior for the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

Seriously, this thing looks like you’d expect Captain Picard to be flying the plane. Every passenger lucky enough to be able to fly first class on the flag carrier will get their own private berth, with a seat that goes completely horizontal so you might have a chance of sleeping comfortably instead of doing an imitation of a pretzel when you land. This is especially important on the super-long-haul flights Qantas flies, from London or L.A. to Sydney, for example. There’s also a central lounge to hang out with your fellow first class passengers.

Qantas A380 first class lounged

Qantas first class seat

Qantas first class bed

Each first class seat also features on LCD screen where you can pick from 1,000 shows and movies to watch, so you won’t have to figure out what to do on those long flights if you don’t feel like sleeping. Qantas even throws in some noise-canceling headphones. You’ll also get the standard first class hospitality. In other words, free booze. A first class as luxurious as this one makes braving the security lines almost worth it.

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