Studio Gets Giant Slot Machine Makeover

YCN must be one of the coolest multidisciplinary studios and that is especially the case after they got their exteriors done.

Artist Jamie Brown collaborated with YCN to create Lucky Nines, a giant one armed bandit (slot machine) themed exterior. He used weatherproof materials so that the colors remained bright. Correx vinyl and nylon ropes were all that he used to create this artful exterior project.

This studio will surely be one of the hipper places to work on art projects. Projects such as Lucky Nines will also help patrons to appreciate upcoming artists who may otherwise be lost in the burgeoning art market. On the other hand, it might also bring back memories of using slot machines while trying to entertain oneself. In fact, we may see a revival of slot machines all over again.

YCN presumably looked dull and boring before getting this ultra-cool exterior, thanks to Jamie’s brilliant idea of transforming it into a giant one armed bandit. You might also want to take a look at this iPhone Slot Game, which we had featured sometime ago. The miniature Arcade Gaming Table is just right for those who are looking for a cool way to decorate their living room or any other place they may choose to adorn.