Tech May Make Long Distance Kissing a Reality

Missing your significant other? Video chatting doesn’t seem enough when you miss someone so badly. With this new device, however, you’ll be able to send real kisses to your loved one … wherever they may be!Kiss Transmission Device

A team from the Kajimoto Laboratory at the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo came up with the kiss transmission device, designed to simulate the feeling of a real kiss. This is not just your average peck on the cheek type of kiss, though. The device is intended to be controlled by the mouth and tongue.

According to graduate student Nobuhiro Takahashi, the device can be manipulated by the mouth of the kiss sender. A similar device on the other end will also turn in the same way, so the kiss receiver feels the movement of the kiss. Think of it as a give-and-take dance between two devices, both of which can be operated by tongue.

Currently, the system is controlled by a PC, where a computer program records the kiss by converting every angle and turn of the device into numerical values. In this way, the sequence of movements can be recorded then replayed, even when the device is no longer being controlled by mouth.

What is the practical application of this? According to the researchers, it can be possible that a celebrity hunk can be asked to use the kiss transmission device. As a result, his kissing style can be recorded, replayed, and enjoyed by hundreds of adoring fans!

The research team intends to have the kiss transmission device hooked up to a network so it can be controlled remotely. Eventually, people may soon be able to enjoy the feeling of being kissed by their loved ones, and even their celebrity crushes, too! How’s that for making long distance relationships work?

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Via: DigInfo TV