Bluetooth Receiver by New Sky Products Makes iPod Touch, iPad GPS Capable

Apple may have not included a GPS receiver in its latest iPad and iPod Touch models, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use these devices as your primary GPS. The innovative geniuses over at New Sky Products have created a small (2.25″ square) Bluetooth-based unit that will pair with your iPad or iPod touch and give you superb navigation functionality.

This new, ultra-useful device wirelessly adds GPS to iPad 2, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and other Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The XGPS150 is a universal Bluetooth GPS receiver, which not only works with a wide variety of operating systems and devices, but also comes with the necessary accessories to be used for a variety of lifestyle activities. The included non-slip pad is very useful for GPS navigation in a car or a boat. The two-piece strap which works as an armband and to secure the receiver to a backpack strap, for example, is great for outdoor activities such as golfing, geocaching, and cycling.

The set-up process is quite simple. Like with any other Bluetooth electronics, you will first have to pair the GPS Receiver with the device you intend to use it with. This will take less than a minute and then you can begin using your device (iPad2, iPad, iPod, etc.) with apps that require GPS. Unfortunately, any map that needs data connectivity, such as the popular Google Maps, will not work.

New Sky Products has also developed an iOS application that will show you the status of the connected GPS device, including the number of satellites you are seeing, your latitude and longitude, altitude and battery status. However, Installation of this app is optional. The XGPS150 does not require this app to be installed on your iPod touch/iPad/iPhone in order to function properly.

You can find more information and purchase the XGPS150 at New Sky Products’ official website for $99.99.

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via Inside Cell Phone