VKWORLD VK6050 Astounds with Its 6050mAh Battery

While Samsung is developing technologies that could double the battery life of future smartphones, companies such as VKWORLD are taking the inexpensive route and cram batteries with thousands upon thousands of milliamp hours in their devices.

New technologies often come at a great price for the final consumers, so when Samsung’s revolutionary graphene-coated anode batteries will hit the market, they surely won’t be cheap. For the time being, it’s more cost-efficient to increase the capacity of regular Li-Ion batteries, to the detriment of design and portability.

Had it been a 5″ device, the VK6050 would have definitely been much thicker, but at 9.5mm, it proves to be quite pocket-friendly. The 5.5″ HD display won’t have that great of an impact on the battery, mostly because of the resolution. Also, the smaller then Full HD resolution will also help the device score higher in benchmarks, but the 1GB of RAM might actually counter-balance that. As for storage, the device comes with 16GB of ROM that can be expanded by up to 32GB with the help of a microSD card.

VKWORLD also opted for an energy efficient chipset, in the form of MediaTek’s MT6735i SoC. Included in this one are a quad core CPU clocked at 1.0Ghz and a Mali T720 GPU.

While flagships are rocking NFC, among many other connectivity options, cheaper Android smartphones, such as the Ulefone Be Pure and VK6050 sport MediaTek’s similar technology, Hot Knot. Sure, that won’t be implemented any time soon for mobile payments, but it still a great way of transferring files (think Vcards and photos, mainly) wirelessly, by bringing the displays of Hot Knot devices close to one another.

On top of that, VK6050 features off-screen gestures that provide quick access to various things by drawing letters or lines on the display, while it’s turned off.

VK6050’s 13 and 5MP cameras are promoted as having large apertures and wide-angles, but the expectations in this department should be realistic. VKWORLD packed this device with decent specs, and chose battery capacity as the main selling point, so smart dialing, smart answering and all these functions fall into a second place.

Currently the subject of a pre-sale on GearBest, the VKWORLD VK6050 can be ordered for $138.99 (or $127.98, if you use the coupon code RMNTGB at checkout). While some may complain about the phone having only 1GB of RAM, these people need to remember that not everybody is looking to but flagships, and to some, great battery life is more important than everything else.

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