WhatsApp Android: search all your conversations simultaneously

A much requested feature is coming on one of the next Whatsapp updates. The new version of WhatsApp for Android will let users search in all conversations simultaneously.

WhatsApp Android

A while and a few updates ago Whatsapp enabled an option to allow users to track data or specific keywords in any given conversation, but now, according to the website Android Police, we’ll be able to check several conversations simultaneously. This new feature will, for example, allow you to search the name of a dish in a restaurant that a friend mentioned once in conversation, or the phone number of someone sent via WhatsApp that we never added to our contacts, all without having to enter any specific conversation.

WhatsApp Android 2

Current versions of the app do not feature this tool, but it is expected it will eventually show up in the very next update. Another rumor, though, claims  that just like with calls, it might show up for some users before others, and then roll to everyone.

This is not the only bit of news from the Whatsapp world, as very recently Windows Phone users were also able to join the rest of the world with free calls, which was still pending. This will allow Windows users to do phone calls via WiFi or 3G, just like Android and iOS users have already been doing for a couple months now.

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