WALdok: Dock Your iPod

The iPod Nano is a small music player that you can carry anywhere with you. It guarantees you hours of musical time. But this is possible if it is always charged. Even if you are indoors you need to have it charged to play it.

Your iPod does have a charger with it and you can play it even while you charge it but the chords are always dangling. Besides that you cannot take it to all parts of the house. For example, it would not be safe to have electrical chords hanging around in the bathroom or near the kitchen sink. So what do you do now? The answer is WALdok, a new concept of a wall mounted Nano charger.

The WALdok can be plugged into any standard wall outlet and is ready to recharge your iPod. The added feature you get here is that the WALdok has an inbuilt speaker which will help you play your music as your gadget is being charged. Carry it to the bathroom or near the kitchen sink. The absence of long chords makes it absolutely safe giving you moments full of music in everything you do. Gone are the days when you had to move from one room to the other with your earplugs. With such powerful speakers you can dance to your own music in your very own home.

Since it is a wall mounting device and small in size the WALdok is pretty simple to use. So if you have come home tired and do not wish to go through the entire ordeal of setting up the music system you can have WALdok as a solution. Simply slide in your iPod into the slot and get instant music. When you get up early in the morning and wish to go for a jog plug in your iPod into the wall unit and get ready with the music. By the time you get ready the device is also being charged and getting ready for the jog as well.

There are many portable speaker varieties available but most of these are for traveling purpose. Besides they also take up unnecessary space. The WALdok is a class apart. It gives excellent sound quality without compromising on space. You can carry it your hotel room and play it at your ease.

The WALdok is a concept and has been developed as a prototype. To come into the mainstream it still requires some time. Till then we can only wait and hope that it enters the market soon. All iPod Nanos will be eagerly awaiting it.

This awesome gadget is a must have for all those who believe music soothes the souls. If you are looking for gadgets that help you charge your electronic devices, read articles on iPod Touch Solar Power Charger Case and iDapt i3 Charger.

Via: Kick Starter