Walking Table Lets You Push Your Work Around

From the maker of the Walking Bookcase comes another useful push-to-move piece of furniture. Introducing the Walking Table! It may not move by itself, but it sure has heck beats wheels.

Out of the mind of Wouter Scheublin comes this elegant contraption that combines simple mechanics and beautiful craftsmanship. Made of walnut and a stainless steel walking mechanism, don’t push your work away, push it closer to your chair. The push-operated piece of furniture will make you the envy of all your two-legged friends.

This table is a family member in Scheublin’s group of walking furniture. The other major piece, which was also an edition of eight, was the oak Walking Bookcase. If you could get your hands on both pieces of furniture, rearranging your office or living area would be a lot more fun.


The main site for the Scheublin Walking Table notes that it has a “natural walking motion, perplexing our perception of the ordinarily static piece of furniture.” Perplexing indeed, but the motion may remind table-pushers more of Futurama’s Mobile Oppression Palace.

At first glance, you may think that this is a silly idea. Why not just make it motorized so it walks to the user? Although Scheublin doesn’t specifically give a reason for the human-powered table, maybe it’s a piece of social commentary. Instead of lazily ordering a robotic desk to your current location, you become one with the desk by moving it, making a zen-like connection. Even if that’s not the case, it would still be pretty cool to own.


The simple walking motion seems almost like a hat-tip to Steampunk-style furniture designs. Major props to Scheublin for this timeless table.

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Via: Oh Gizmo and Wouter Scheublin