Startup Fever Board Game: Live a New Life

Many of us have grown up playing board games like Monopoly and Life. These games revolved around issues that was or is a part of everyone’s life. It swept us off into an imaginary world where we lived a life of excitement and adventure. Times have changed and many new factors now play significant roles in our lives. Work options have expanded and the dot com boom threw open doors for many startup ventures.

However, not all of us find ourselves to be part of a startup company, let alone owners. But somewhere there is a longing to be there in that world. Consider you dreams come true with the coming of the Startup Fever game. It might not make you the owner of a startup company but may let you experience the highs and lows of being involved in one. And this will all be possible in the form of a board game. Yes, yet another board game which reflects our current social and financial worlds.  It is a game which will carry you into a pseudo world where you can live your dreams. Though for a limited time but it is sure to give you a lot of enjoyment and excitement.

There is a complete new world created out here on a board which involves manufacturing products, hiring employees, retaining and poaching. The products mentioned here are a true reflection of those that rule our present times – media and communication. It sets up a competitive scenario in which you as a player are supposed to compete. The better business skills you have the better you do at the game. Since it is different from the regular games created so far, the outcomes are also different. No two games will have similar outcomes and every time you play Startup Fever you will have a different experience. That means novelty in every game you play!

The game might look a bit too complicated with the large number of counters and cards involved in it. The instruction manual also runs in to around eight full pages. But, as is the case with any other game, once you have played it nothing is confusing or difficult.

The Startup Fever is a project undertaken by Kickstart and has been created by Louis Perrochon. It is in the prototype stage and is awaiting production. According to the creator it does need a little more polishing up on the presentation front. But once done and produced it sure is going to be a desirable one to own.

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