15 Ridiculously Cute Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day Cards

Baby Yoda is unarguably the cutest Disney character on the internet right now. The tons of Star Wars and now Mandalorian fans would agree to that. Here’s an idea: since Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, you can leverage on the cuteness of Baby Yoda to help melt the heart of your significant other when you surprise them with Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day Cards.

A lot of people have already recognized the increasing attraction of Baby Yoda to people, Star Wars fan or not. That is why there are now tons of available Baby Yoda merchandise available in the market. And today, many Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day cards are now available online for you to have and give to your partner.

Take a look at some of the cutest Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day cards here:

1) Baby, Yoda One For Me Valentine’s Day Card 

Pink baby yoda valentine's day card

Tell your loved one that he or she is the one for you and that you are certain of that through this Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day card. This 5 x 7-inch card uses white semi-gloss card stock and Baby Yoda art is printed in high resolution photo quality. 

2) Baby Yoda Cute Valentine’s Card

cute baby yoda valentine's day card

Here is another cute variation for the “baby, Yoda one for me” caption in a Valentine card. It’s as green and as cute as Baby Yoda itself. 

The 148 X 148 mm card is printed on 325 gsm uncoated stock and offers a space for you to write your own personal message inside. It also comes with kraft envelope and has an additional layer of protective wrapping before sent out to you. Order yours here.

3) Love you, I do Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day Card

Baby yoda only one for me funny card

Look at Baby Yoda in a cradle, cute isn’t he? Make your partner say “awww” with Baby Yoda’s cuteness with this Valentine’s Day card. With the “love you, I do” caption, you can also make him/her feel loved.

This 150 x 150 mm Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day card is printed on a quality white 300 gsm card and comes with a colored envelope and cellophane bag.

4) I Love You More Than Chicky Nuggins 

funny baby yoda valentines card

The chicky nuggies’ association to Baby Yoda has quickly spread on the internet, giving many the laughs for it. Give the same feeling to your special other and tell him or her that he or she is loved more than tons of chicky nuggies. 

This A5-sized Valentine’s Day card is printed on a 300 gsm card and comes with a fiery red envelope and carefully packaged in clear cello bag for protection.

5) My Valentine You Are 

star wars baby yoda valentine's day card

Make her laugh with this funny Valentine’s Day card featuring Baby Yoda showing the heart sign with his hands. At the same time, you can express that she’s your one and only Valentine. 

You can also keep in touch with the Etsy seller if you’re interested to add a customized message in the card. The 5 x 7-inch sized Valentine card is made from a 271 gsm cover stock and comes with a thick, sturdy card.

6) My Valentine, Will You Be? 

my valentine will you be card

Want to ask someone to be your Valentine date? If s/he is a Star Wars fan, this Baby Yoda Valentine card might just do the trick.

The 350 gsm thick and high-quality gloss faced card stock is square and measures 5.5 inches. Baby Yoda art is professionally printed using an industry standard digital printer. It’s final package includes one white luxury envelope and packaged in a plastic sleeve and protective board back envelope.

7) Be Mine Baby Yoda Valentine’s Card

romantic baby yoda valentines day card

Want to ask someone to be your girl friend? Looking to propose for marriage? You can ask her to be yours through this Be Mine Valentine card and tell her “Yoda one for me.”

This 5 x 7-inch Baby Yoda card uses a a high quality cool white semi-gloss card stock and a full color CMYK print process.

8) My Valentine You Must Be

my valentine you must be funny baby yoda card

If you intensely feel that this special someone is meant to be your Valentine, go ahead and express it to her. This Baby Yoda Valentine card may help with that. Look at those eyes, can she resist that? Any Star Wars or Yoda geek may not, I bet. Get yours here.

9) Love You I Do Baby Yoda Card

love you i do baby yoda card

Tell your significant other that you love him or her in the Yoda fashion. Match it with this Baby Yoda Valentine’s card that says the same for an added sweetness and sentimentality. 

10) Yoda One For Me Valentine’s Day Card Baby Yoda in a Box

Yoda One For Me Valentine's Day Card Baby Yoda in a Box

You can also bring it up a notch by giving a non traditional looking card that includes a two-inch baby Yoda plushie. 

The plushie is made of wool blend belt but also can be replaced with acrylic felt upon request. You can also request to add magnets to the plushie. Order this unique card now.

11) Baby Yoda Wooden Valentine’s Day Card

cool wooden baby yoda valentine's day card

Speaking of nontraditional cards, here is a baby Yoda Valentine’s card that is made of wood. Looks fancy and one of a kind, right?

You can choose from finished basswood, cherry, maple and walnut, or an unfinished MDF for the wood texture. On top of that you can also add a personalized message at the rear of the card! This 4 x 6 Baby Yoda wooden card comes with a semi-gloss finish and with a complimentary red envelope. Buy this cool Baby yoda valentine’s day card here. 

12) Pop out Baby Yoda Valentine’s Card

Pop out Baby Yoda Valentine's Card

Another option is this pop out Baby Yoda Valentine’s card, filled with hearts, just like you are filled with love for your partner.

13) Yoda One for Me, Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day Card

Cool Baby Yoda Valentine's Day Card

What’s your term of endearment for your significant other? Do you call each other baby? Baby Yoda geeks that meet this category could have this “Yoda one for me, Baby” Valentine’s card.

14) The One You Are 

Make her feel that you are so sure of your relationship and her as well through this “the one for me you are” Baby Yoda Valentine’s card

15) You Are More Cute Than Baby Yoda 

You Are More Cute Than Baby Yoda card

We’d all agree that Baby Yoda is one of the cutest things in the internet right now, but let your loved one know that despite that, s/he is still more adorable than Baby Yoda in your eyes. 

Get this original illustration in an A6-sized Valentine’s Day card. It comes with a white envelope, too! If you are fans of baby Yoda, you would also love these funny Baby Yoda Memes and cool Baby Yoda Ugly Christmas Sweaters.