Best Places to Watch Football Online

With the winter fast approaching, there is nothing better than a football game to warm up with. All that one needs to do is head to the closest stadium in order to catch the latest football match.

After a football match or even during that you could get drunk silly, have fun with your mates or eat those heavy steaks for dinner. The celebratory mood will keep you warm during the increasingly cold nights. Moreover, 2011 National Football League season is in full swing, and will continue to until February 5, 2012. This means, there are still a number of months to soak in the festive spirit of American football, and I am sure you would want to do that no matter what.

Unfortunately, not all of us can travel to a certain venue each time our favourite team plays. Moreover, we may also not have access to a large LCD screen or a community viewing space where you could cheer for your favourite team. In such circumstances, internet acts as a saviour. If you were wondering how you could watch football online, there are several options.

Most websites don’t charge some amount of money as they would need to pay for the copyrights they might have purchased. Lately, several websites have gone off air after being caught streaming live content without permission. With that in mind, it is rather difficult to search for that elusive place where you could watch football online. Here are a few places that could prove to be a great place to begin with.

National Football League

National Football League or NFL has its own official website where in you could watch the latest football match that’s taking place. Most of the times, you would get to watch the highlights of a match rather than watch live football streaming. Nevertheless, it is a legal and good place to begin your football crazed evenings.

Watch Live Football TV

If you wanted to watch all the football matches on your PC or computer without any hindrances, all that you might want to do is pay a little money so that you get to watch your favourite team play without any disturbance. You would need to pay Watch Live Football TV $2.99 a month, and that is cheaper than a latte. You would not only get to watch live streaming of football, but you could also check out boxing, baseball, tennis, baseball and other major sports.


ESPN is synonymous with sports and they never miss an opportunity to stream live football matches if they get access to the copyrights. Most of the times, they at least have the highlights available on their website. Of course, whatever you wa5tch on ESPN is always free and legal. This way, you could enjoy your game in relative peace.

Live TV

While this particular website is a little dubious, it still seems to be quite promising. Apart from the usual sports channels, Live TV also offers news and other live streaming. You might want to spend a little time using the website before making any purchases.


Zimbio tells you where to watch all your NFL videos and live streaming. It almost acts like a wikizine in which you could learn where to find your favorite NFL Football games online, right on your computer. It doubles up as a free online TV but of course there are no free lunches. There would either be some sort of limitations or you might be asked to pay at a later stage.


UStream offers free live streaming of NFL Football Matches and can be one of the best ways to catch a match online. Many a times the site might be down or offline, but they do offer live streaming. All that you need to do is be on the lookout and visit the website a few times.

Watch NFL Live

Watch NFL Live is yet another promising place to begin watching your favourite football game online. They stream live matches and you would get a list of matches that are available at any given point of time. If there is a match happening at the time you go online, you would just need to start watching the streamed content.

There could be several other ways to watch football online, and there are dozens of live streaming websites which help eager fans to watch football or any other game online. If you know of any such websites, you could let us know in the comments section below