Wazuma V8F Quad Bike Packs a Ferrari Engine, Hits 150MPH

French engineers seem to believe that regular quad bikes are for amateurs, so they built one that has a Ferrari Engine under the hood. The ultimate boy’s toy is capable of hitting speeds of up to 150mph, so wearing some sort of protective equipment is mandatory.

The two features mentioned in the title are not the only spectacular ones about this beefed-up quad bike. The Wazuma V8F bears striking similarities to the Batmobile featured in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Now, don’t think that this vehicle’s engine comes from the latest model of Ferrari. That would’ve probably taken the price even higher, so the French engineers had to make do with a 3-litre V8 engine (hence the V8F from the name) coming from a 1970s Ferrari 308 sports car. Given the maximum speed, that’s still a pretty impressive engine.

For a weight of 650kg, this quad bike has a lot of power, more precisely 250bhp. In fact, the power to weight ratio (of 384bhp per tonne, if you’re too lazy to calculate) of the Wazuma V8F matches the one of the Ferrari 458 Spider.

The quad bike is also equipped with BMW M3 gearboxes and high performance Brembo disc brakes that can stop the 18-inch wheels quite efficiently.

Despite the renowned disc brakes, it’s always a good idea to take extra protection measures. The quad bike can hit 150mph, and at such a speed the consequences of an impact could be devastating. Hence, helmets and pads for the knees and elbows should be worn at all times when driving the Wazuma V8F.

As seen in the following image, the lights don’t resemble the ones featured on Ferrari cars, nor are they custom made. The manufacturers, a French company named Lazareth, claim that these come from Nissan 350Z cars, so I’m left wondering what other cars had to be disassembled in order to make the Wazuma V8F.

The Wazuma V8F includes premium components, so it’s anyone’s guess that it isn’t cheap. In fact, this futuristic quad bike will set people back by £160,000 (approximately $257,000), which means that, unfortunately, only the rich kids will be able to ride it. To put things into perspective, I should mention that Honda makes quad bikes that are 20 times cheaper, so if you want to buy such a vehicle, you might want to think twice.

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