Lamborghini Egoista Is A One of a Kind Real-Life Batmobile

The Italian luxury sportscar manufacturer turned 50 this year and marked this anniversary with Lamborghini Egoista, a unique hybrid between jet fighters and the Batmobile.

If Audi is the luxury division of the Volkswagen Group, Lamborghini and Bugatti must be the out-of-this-planet subsidiaries of the German concern. Egoista was built to celebrate half a century from the birth of Lamborghini, and even though the supercars that the Italian manufacturer has made in the past decade were already more than impressive, this one surpasses them all.

There are two reasons why this car was named Egoista: only one of them will be made (speak of limited production, huh?) and there’s room for only one person – the ultimate selfish driver. As Walter de Silva, the designer of Egoista put it, this supercar “represents hedonism taken to the extreme.” Couldn’t agree more with him. The way I see it, since there will only be one Egoista, Lamborghini should exhibit it in a car museum, instead of selling it to a multimillionaire.

The 5.2L V10 engine produces 600hp, which isn’t record breaking, by any means. However, I think that the creators of this car wanted to focus more on design than on power to attract attention. From the side, Egoista is meant to look like a bull that charges, and its front looks very much like a modern Batmobile.

The driver’s seat and the surrounding area looks very much like the cockpit of a jet fighter, and this is exactly the idea the official launch movie is based on. Unlike jet fighters, Lamborghini Egoista won’t break the sound barrier, even though that’s what it’s implied in the video. I think we’re able to overlook that small detail, aren’t we?

The cockpit is entirely removable, and this is another impressive detail, yet a bit pointless. The lighting also brings modern jet fighters to mind, as there are indicators and sidemarkers placed in front, on the sides and the back of the car. The downforce and the stability of Egoista are optimized by active aerodynamic panels that raise and lower depending on speed.

Yet another element that makes Lamborghini’s anniversary car resemble jet fighters is the antiradar material that the body and the wheels are made of. In case Egoista ever hits the streets, it might pose a problem for the police, given these materials.

I’ve also found the perfect soundtrack for driving this car: Egoist Hedonist by Riverside, a Polish progressive metal band whose concert I’m going to attend on May 25 in my hometown.


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