Handmade Web Icon Pillows Make a Great Holiday Gift

Alright so I know that the holidays are over, but chances are you didn’t get everything that you wanted on Santa’s list, right? In such times, it’s important to go out and get that thing yourself. In my case, I’d consider picking up one of these handmade icon pillows. Alas, Santa still hasn’t completely perfected telepathy, so there were no pillows under the tree this year. Time to remedy that.

The pillows are handcrafted and thus one of a kind from TUAW reader Dan G’s girlfriend (she’s a keeper, so don’t screw it up buddy!). As you can see we have the brand new iTunes icon listed on the right and my favorite browser Firefox sitting happilly on the elft. I didn’t notice it at first, but the original author picked up on one minor flaw right away: The fox is backwards! I don’t think that makes it any less awesome mind you, if anything it adds to the item’s character. In the middle we have the finder, something I wasn’t all that familiar with but new I recognized it from somewhere. All in all it’s a great set of pillows and if my loving wife is feeling crafty I’m going to askf or some of these! Now all I need is step by step instructions. Get on that, Dan G’d girlfriend.

If you’re looking for some other clever ideas that you can also rest your head on, we have you covered. If you’re mor of an Adobe fan, might I suggest these bed pillows that were designed based on Adobe icons. Alternatively you might want a pillow that looks a little more delicious (depending on your culinary tastes, mind you) and so you can always opt for this sushi combination pillow instead. Christmas is gone, but the New Year is still on the way!