Playing Cards with Your Favorite Video Game Villains

A company of some good old friends, a late Sunday afternoon, some cool drinks and a pack of playing cards … the perfect way to chill out for most of the guys. To put a geeky spin on a guys’ day in, bust out Gears Of War, Halo and Batman: Arkham Asylum themed playing cards for a sure hit with the crew.Gaming Playing cards1The pack of video gaming playing cards is a standard pack of 52 and you can still play the same old card games like Texas Hold ‘Em and Spades. Designed by Lucis McGuire, these cards can and will spark a series of conversations that might just ruin your game, but still end up leaving your nerdy side satisfied.Gaming Playing cards2

Though we have had our share of cool themed playing cards like the iPhone Playing cards or the Limited Edition Star Trek Uno Cards, these cool gaming themed playing cards combine old school game play with som fantastic and unique characters, perfect to please a crowd of gaming enthusiasts.Gaming Playing cards3