14 Rather Odd Pieces of Door Hardware

In a world where security is becoming more and more critical, people are putting a lot of effort into making ultra safe door locks that can protect your house and your belongings. However, sometimes the effort gets over the top which gives the result more entertainment value than security value.

Below is the list of 14 weirdest and probably most creative door locks and handles for your amusement.

OpenMe Crystal Ring


Conceived by designer Marcial Ahsayane, OpenMe is a futuristic door lock that comes in the form of a stylish and elegant piece of jewelry. The crystal ring in cut glass features an embedded 3-D scanner that scans the facets of crystal, and pops open only after the cut is verified.

RGB Door Combination Lock


Source: Hack a Day

Bored of the old schooled numbered keypad, guys at Hack a Day decided to build a custom RGB backlit keypad powered by an Arduino. Instead of typing in numbers, your password is a unique set of colors.

Keyboard Door Lock


Source: Engadget

Hacking your dorm room lock to show off your geekiness is now trending, and MIT has to put an end to it by forbid to modify the locks on dorm room doors. However, Dheera Venkatraman still managed to find an innovative way to get away with it. With a micro-controller, a motor, and a PS/2 (waterproof) keyboard and a bunch of other technical stuff, his door now requires a password entered on the keyboard to open instead of a key.

Knock Detecting Door Lock


Source: Born Techie

The knock detecting door lock is a novelty Bond style creation that any aspiring spy would die to have. Built with an Arduino, a motor and piezo sensor which record and detect the phony knocks on your door, the system won’t open until a certain code pattern is detected.

Defendus Labyrinth Door Chain


Source: New Sciences of Protection

The defendus labyrinth door chain is a crazy project by the Art Lebedev studio in Moscow. Constructed from titanium alloy, fixed in place with 10 different screws and load-tested to a whopping 700 pounds of force, the door chain forces you to solve a maze to exit with no other option. Let’s hope that nobody is mean enough to install it on your bathroom door.

Face Recognition Door Lock


Source: PalScience

Face recognition door lock is no longer a sci-fi’s creation. A Chinese company has become the first to successfully develop one. The door lock can store and recognize about 500 faces, and can unlock the door with a fraction of a second. The gadget does not only work as a door lock, but also serve as an uncheatable time punching machine that records what time employees come in and out based on their faces.

Biometric Finger Print Door Lock


Biometric fingerprint door lock is a hi-tech security solution that can be installed in the same way all other door locks are to confuse any potential intruder. Capable of storing up to 50 fingerprints, the door lock can be opened using both fingerprints or pass codes. The thoughtful creator also adds a different set for left handed people, with four keys in case of  emergency.

Simplified Key Door Lock


Source: TechElog

Here comes a elegant door lock design that can save you from an enormous task of turning the key. The concept allows you to simply slide a key into the slot and the door will be opened.

Numlock Handle


Source: Gizmodiva

The numlock handle is an innovative design that reinforces the security and style of your living or working space at the same time. Instead of using a boring numbered keypad, designer Jaeseok Han introduced an elegant handle which comes with a numbered dial-lock. You can also replace the numbers with Braille.

Internet-Opening Door Lock


Source: Ars technica

Schlage’s new LiNK deadbolt is an Internet-based gadget which gives a totally new meaning to the word spy. The homeowner can assign temporary pin numbers to guests and the lock keeps track of when pin numbers are used. The system can send you a text message or email when a specific pin number is entered and grant you access to door-unlocking via the internet if you pay a fee.

RFID Digital Door Lock


Source: Coolest Gadgets

The RFID technology has opened us to a whole new level of convenience: you just need to wave one of your little cards onto the card reader and the lock will open or close right up for you. The door lock also comes with a key pad that can be used to unlock the door using your secure PIN.

Remock Lockey


Source: Ubergizmo

Despite its weird name, Remock Lockey is a pretty cool device that allows you to open your door without even touching it. The remote-controlled lock can be installed within the door of the room you want to secure, and the door can only be opened using a small remote control shaped after a key.

Scary Door Handles



Those door handles are examples of how creativity is merely a tool to freak people out. You might want to think twice before touching any of these two handles. There are endless possibilities that you shake the hand and it never lets you go, or there is something inside the mouth waiting to bite your fingers.