Western Re-Designs of Justice League Members

After giving Spider-man characters a Steampunk make over and after giving Batman characters a rockabilly redesign, Denis Medri continues his re-imagining of comic book characters by turning members of the Justice League into Western-themed folk.

Superman in the Wild Wild West

Old-Time Green Lantern

Finally, someone managing to make the Green Lantern look like a bad-ass.

Flash as a Western Gunslinger

The fastest gun north, south, east, aaaaaaand west of Central City.

Wonder Woman All Clothed Up

No one wield a lasso of truth like Diana of Themyscira.

Green Arrow Sticking to Bows

Someone who actually fits right in with the times, especially with fighting-for-their-rights Native Americans.

Batman Looking Like an Outlaw

Partially inspired by a lame-ass Zorro, and probably, partially by the Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne limited series.

For the Spider-Man Steampunk redesign go here. For the Batman Rockabilly redesign, go here. For more of DM’s works, visit here.