Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight – New 3DS eShop Title From Game Freak

The creators of Pokémon have something new for the Nintendo 3DS. An eShop game thats got its own fun-looking beat.

Rhythm Hunter Harmo Knight gameplay image

Wednesday’s early morning Nintendo Direct – oh, don’t worry if you didn’t get the invitation, it was Japan specific – came with some notable tidbits (New Professor Layton game in 2013!), but the biggest surprise of the Nintendo telecast was a new game from the makers of the Pokémon series.

Oh wait, you didn’t know they – I’m speaking of Tokyo-based Game Freak – made other things besides the humongous cash-cow that is Pokémon?

They do; in fact, before they hit upon the pocket-monster goldmine, the developer’s history is littered with many curious titles, including Pulseman, the action-platformer for the Mega Drive that was released here in U.S. exclusively on the Sega Channel, and a NES puzzle game starring Mario’s dino-friend, Yoshi. Simply titled, uh, Yoshi.

Rhythm Hunter Harmo Knight cutscene image

Now for their latest 2012 entry, which is arriving on the Japanese 3DS eShop next week, they’ve introduced Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight, a 2D side-scrolling action rhythm game that 1) is incredibly adorable (d’aww at the bow-tie wearing bunny wabbit!), and 2) uses musical beats in accompaniment to its note grabbing gameplay.

See for yourself how jumps and attacks in Rhythm Hunter swing to its awesome backtrack – I hope you like the music cameos from the Pokemon games, because this has it – with its debut showing that appeared during this morning’s Nintendo Direct.

Regarding a North American release for Rhythm Hunter, I can’t really find a good reason why either Nintendo or Game Freak would decline such an idea, but then, hey, Xenoblade Chronicles, yo. Please oh, oh please, almighty keepers of Zelda and Mario, bless us with this cool looking game. I want it so badly.

Hmm, its probably going to take awhile for my prayers to reach Nintendo HQ… While we wait for an answer though, stay tuned to Walyou for many geeky postings, like this stylish Pac-Man watch or this Saturday’s Fangamer VERSUS Attract Mode event.