What If Darth Vader Had Brought Up Princess Leia

What’s better than Jeffrey Brown’s Book Darth Vader and Son? Well, he’s gone on an expanded his alternate universe storyline of Darth Vader being a good father, showing us what would it be like if Anakin Skywalker was a good father to Princess Leia as well in  a sequel called Vader’s Little Princess.

Galactic Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons

Hologram Droid Chatting

Bot Chatting

Halloween Slave Costume Is Inappropriate

Slave for Halloween

Taking the AT-AT to School

Taking the At-At to school

Leia Hogging the Bathroom

Leia hogging the bathroom

Disrespecting Your Elders

Disrespecting your elders

The Ways of the Dark Side

The Ways of the Dark Side

Discovering Your Little Girl Is All Grown Up

Discovering Your Little Girl's all Grown Up

A Very Happy Birthday

A very happy birthday

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