Darth Vader: Father of the Year

It would be quite an understatement saying Darth Vader wasn’t a great father to his children. But, in some alternative universe, you can combine the Dark Side with good parenting. Although it probably isn’t easy raising a future Jedi Knight and savior of the galaxy, Vader just might be the father of the year, in a galaxy far far away.

Jeffery Brown came up with this great idea for a book – Darth Vader and son, on sale on Amazon. Here are some Illustrations from the book. If you haven’t had a soft spot for Vader in your heart, you will after looking at these.

Vader and Luke Playing Baseball

I see an idea for a new sport forming up here.

Taking Luke For a Ride

Taking Luke to a Bar

Father of the year.

Trick or Treat

Luke Can Be Annoying

Even in space, kids can be annoying.

At the Toy Store

Anakin knows first had how annoying that toy can be.

Darth Vader Can’t Cook

Good thing He turned to dark side and can make breakfast for his son.

The Skywalker Family

I hate my sister as well.

Luke Practicing the Force

The proudest moment of his life. I think I see a tear coming.

Breaking Up Fights

The oldest unanswered question in the world.