Gamers turn to Sony over used games debate

It’s no surprise to anyone, following Xbox One announcement, that gamers are turning their eyes to Sony and asking them to leave used games alone.


Following the (arguably) colossal failure that was the Xbox One’s launch announcement, gamers are continuing to speculate the eventual downfall of the used game market. The used game market generates billions of dollars to brick and mortar stores like Gamestop, EBGames and GAME, but also offer gamers a cheaper alternative to $60 release titles. While speculations remain our most prominent source of information, the Xbox One’s ability to run second hand titles would be marred with microtransactions that would ultimately punish the consumer for not buying the product at it’s full retail value. This comes at a surprise considering EA’s decision to move away from the controversial online pass system that only granted users the ability to play online if they bought used copies of their games. One would expect that following the Adam Orth fiasco about always-online, Microsoft would have picked up gamers’ frustration regarding these draconian, anti-competitive practices that are currently plaguing the market.


With all that being said, the gaming community is turning its head at Sony, pleading the company to leave the used game market alone. Campaigns around twitter and even reddit are calling the gaming world to express their views on always-online DRM and second-hand copies of games. We can expect to get a lot more news in regards to this at this year’s E3 where both companies will make their formal announcements in how they’ll be handling the future generation of gamers on their systems. Only time will tell of Sony will take a step in the right direction, or if the next generation of games is doomed to sitting on shelves without half-lives.

Source: Geeky Gadgets

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