WhatsApp for laptops & desktop PCs is coming

The Whatsapp team are working on a new beta of the popular chat app, this time for desktop PCs and laptops.


The latest WhatsApp beta for Android has a little special something in its laines of code: an unofficial confirmation that the company is about to launch a version for desktop and laptop computers. Ever since being acquired by Facebook, the team have been doing their best to expand, and this project of reaching out to computers is only the next logical step, although something dedicated users have been asking for years. This functionality already exists on other competitor apps such as Line or Google Hangouts, but just based on the sheer popularity of WhatsApp, this is pretty big – no matter how good you are at typing on your phone, nothing competes with real, physical keyboards.

The latest WhatsApp beta for Android redirected users to a website at web.whatsapp.com, which remains empty so far. Still, it’s safe to speculate it will eventually host the app for PCs. The leak was addressed by the WhatsApp team who updated the code deleting those lines, as they don’t seem to be quite ready to reveal this app officially yet. Nevertheless we can’t be far from it.

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