Who Shot First? Seattle Star Wars Art Show

Who Shot First? is a Star Wars art show that takes place in Seattle, at the Ltd. Art Gallery. The second edition’s varnishing day is December 13, but the exhibits can be admired throughout the entire month of January 2013.

The name of the exhibition refers to the controversial change to the scene between Han Solo and Greedo in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The art show is wittily titled, but adding “Episode II” to refer to the second edition might create some confusion, as the second episode of the Star Wars saga is part of the new trilogy. Instead, the characters pictured by the artists in the striking exhibits are all from the first trilogy. Besides intelligently designed

The list of artists involved in this art show is pretty long, as you can see:

  • Steve Thomas
  • Barry Blankenship
  • Craig Drake
  • Michael Fleming
  • Kim Gordon
  • Blunt Graffix
  • Eric Kirchmer
  • Aaron Jasinksi
  • Augie Pagan
  • Devi Pellerin
  • Brian Rood
  • Wade Schin
  • Clarke Snyder
  • Cat Staggs
  • Suckadelic
  • Christian Waggoner
  • Jayson Weidel
  • Andrew Wilson
  • Wednesday Wolf

The first exhibit is a portrait of the ever-so handsome Han Solo, who shot first (or did he?). The Nerf Herder, as this portrait is called, was created by Mark McHaley and has a costs of $100. The artist made a limited edition of 10 such hand-numbered portraits. Han Solo can also be seen in the poster of the art show, as a reflection in Greedo’s eyes.

Next is a painting of a Stormtrooper by Christian Waggoner. Yes, you got that right! This extremely realistic portrait is in fact a painting. Everything in it looks exquisite, from the details of the helmet to the image reflected in the helmet’s eyes.

The following exhibit by Jason Christman is titled That’s No Moon. Obviously, the main player is the Galactic Empire’s Death Star. Personally, I love the minimalist touch that the artist used in this piece of art.

Wookie Rage, the following Star Wars masterpiece, was created by Brian Rood. It presents Chewbacca (or maybe some other Wookiee?) on top of a mountain made from Stormtroopers.

Last, but not least is our favorite droid ever. Well, one of our two favorite droids, ever. R2D2 is presented as a giant on a deserted planet (Tatooine comes to mind). Astromech Droid by Steve Thomas offers details regarding the features the droid comes with, as if it was a toy for sale.

Besides such amazing works of art, the show will also include costumed characters. Geeks who are in Seattle till January 27 should not miss this exhibition.

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