Xiaomi MI3: World’s First Gaming Phone With nVidia’s Tegra 4

The specs of the successor to the ever-so affordable Xiaomi Mi-Two have been leaked today. World’s first phone to run on a Tegra 4 CPU will also get LTE support and a 4.5″ display, so you can rock even the most power-hungry games on it.

Xiaomi Tech is only one of the Chinese companies that pose a threat to such tech giants as Apple and Samsung. Xiaomi Mi-Two, which was released last month, surprised a lot of people with its impressive specs and affordable price. Its successor, on the other hand, is the first phone confirmed to come with Tegra 4, nVidia’s next generation system on a chip. nVidia is rumored to launch Tegra 4 at CES 2013, in January, and HTC is suspected of preparing a smartphone powered by this CPU, too. Since Xiaomi will launch the Mi3 in mid 2013, it is not impossible for HTC or any other company to beat them to it, but it should be noted that it was the Chinese company who confirmed the first phone powered by the new technology.

Tegra 4, codenamed Wayne (or Batman, if you prefer), will include an octo-core CPU, built using 28 nm technology. nVidia seems to have a thing for comic book superheroes, since all of the future codenames are related to Batman, Superman, Iron Man or the X-Men. By comparison, Tegra 4 is said to be several times faster than Tegra 2, so it simply does not matter what requirements the games of next year will have. Logan and Stark, the other two upcoming releases by nVidia, will go even further, being 50 and 75 times faster, respectively.

As far as Xiaomi Mi3‘s display goes, rumors are it will be made by JDI (Japan Display Corporation) and it will measure 4.5 inches in diagonal. The display is also said to have an impressive DPI, but we will have to wait a few more months till we see that with our own eyes.

Back to the Tegra 4 chipset, since its features have not been stressed enough. nVidia’s CPU will run at 1.8 to 2.0 Ghz. By comparison, desktop CPUs only got eight cores last year. Despite being clocked higher, those weren’t paired with such powerful GPUs, not to mention that they generated a lot of heat.

Other possible specs that might make Xiaomi’s next smartphone a real gaming machine are between 2 and 2.5 GB of RAM and LTE connectivity that will allow users to download large games in no time. A 12+ MP camera will also be included. If these specs are hard to believe, all we have to do is wait till the Chinese company launches its next beast. Given that Mi-Two costs around $300, the Mi-3 should not be much more expensive. At such a price tag, Mi-3 will probably become one of the best smartphones in the world, preferred by businessmen and gamers, equally.

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