WiFi2Hifi Streams Music to iPhone Over WiFi

Some of us have huge audio libraries on the computer and transferring all the music to the iPhone is simply not possible. Wifi2Hifi will stream over your WiFi network whatever is playing on your PC.

WiFi2HiFi, the iOS app developed by Clever & Son that facilitates streaming music to the Apple products, has been recently updated to version 1.0.2. The update includes several small optimizations, as well as a few bug fixes.

After installing the app on your Apple device, you have several options. First of all, you can plug the iPod Touch or iPhone into a dock and then listen to the music from the computer directly on the speakers of the dock. Thus, the Apple device turns into a real wireless audio receiver. If the signal of your wireless network is strong enough, you can practically stream music from one corner of your home to the other. This is particularly efficient when you use a laptop in tandem with your Apple portable device.

The second option is to connect the Apple device to your HiFi stereo system. In this case, you will enjoy more power, as the floor speakers exceed by far the capabilities of a dock. The best thing is that you can stream more than just the music that you have on your PC or Mac and you can actually listen to online radio stations and even to online streaming services such as Grooveshark.

Not at last, you can plug your headphones into your Apple device and listen to the music that is played on the computer.  This particular option will certainly be enjoyed by the ones who appreciate privacy when listening to their favorite songs. Overall, this iOS app proves to be very useful, once you get used to the streaming process.

The app is available in the iTunes store for 2.99 Euros ($4.30). Bear in mind that besides the iOS app, you will also need an application that gets installed on your computer. Versions for both Windows and Mac OS are available on the developer’s Web site. WiFi2HiFi does not only work on iPhone, but also on iPod Touch and iPad, fact that makes it suitable for all the owners of portable Apple products.

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