WikiWand: the Wikipedia experience, enhanced

Wikipedia has revolutionized the way we access to wisdom daily, but we could say its simple interface is a bit lacking in the looks department. That is, unless you’re a WikiWand user.

WikiWand AddOn

What WikiWand does is giving Wikipedia a much needed overhaul when it comes to interface. This add-on will modernize Wikipedia in a way that will make the old interface look just like an old, dusty encyclopedia. Still, the changes are not merely aesthetic: the table of contents on the left side is a brilliant addition that helps navigating particularly long articles and features, and makes you just wonder how come that isn’t there by default.

Most of the Wikipedia add-ons merely reskin it and add a few features (shout out to Readability), but it is WikiWand the version that manages to get both usability and looks just right. You can get WikiWand for both Chrome and Firefox as of now.

Via Life Hacker

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