Football & Technology: The Best Apps For The 2014 World Cup

Sports & gadgets are fundamental parts of our every day lives, and as such, of course they’d interact in many ways. With the world cup looming on the horizon, now is the perfect time to discuss those apps that will make the watching process more enjoyable. Check out our selection.



We couldn’t help but start out with the official FIFA app. This is a free app that includes an international news section, their renowned match center with over 197 leagues around the world, FIFA’s rankings, and other goodies. They have an ongoing countdown to the World Cup and all the latest information on the 32 participants. You can get it on both Android and iOS, but be warned: it’s not that well optimized and it might slog on even some modern devices.

Forza Football

Forza Football

This is a fantastic app for both iPod & iPad and Android devices. The app is free, and includes live scores, opinion polls, and video content for a bunch of leagues world-wide. This is more than just a score app (and a great one at that), Forza Football is also a fantastic social experience and space where to share opinions, joys and sorrows with other like-minded fans.

Onefootball Brasil


Everyone who cares about football and technology knows already of Onefootball app, an Android & iOS app that is incredibly comprehensive if users follow more than one league. This special World Cup version, though, is way more steamlined and focus: it enables you to pick one specific team to follow on the World Cup, and displays their schedules, news, match results, odds, and line-ups. This doesn’t just apply to the teams but to players’ individual performances and twitter feeds. Still, our favorite bit has to be the historical section, where they detail what went on on past World Cups. Present, past & future in just one app.



This app is truly a work of love, with lots of research and investigation put on it. FanChants is an Android exclusive, as of now, that has over 20,000 football chants archived in it. They’re all free to listen to, but also will display the lyrics on your language so you know what those crazy South American fans are yelling about.

Fantasy iTeam

Fantasy iTeam

Talk about gamification! Fantasy iTeam lets users create their own fantasy team, with all 736 players from the 32 teams, and earn points based on their actions. Once the iTeam has been set up, you can join a private league with your friends, or public ones and aim for the highest score. Sure, those points serve no purpose but bragging rights… but aren’t those the best rights of them all?

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