Prime Instant Video app coming to Android devices everywhere

Amazon has decided to finally grace the Android platform with their Prime Instant Video app, which could be ready any time from now.


Our colleagues at PC Advisor claim Amazon are currently working on an Android version of their Prime Instant Video app, which debut is “imminent”. The coolest part about it, though, is that it could feature content in 4K resolution.

As of now, only Kindle and Apple users get to access Amazon’s fantastic Prime Instant Video collection from mobile platforms. Yet, if the rumors are true, the other big platform might soon benefit from this app too, as Amazon rushes to compete with Netflix and Hulu Plus. Amazon are expecting to pioneer the area of 4K Ultra HD video, and given how powerful some of the most recent tablets and phones are, it doesn’t look out of the question.

A rumored release date for the app is July 25th, the same day Amazon’s very own Fire Phone gets released.

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