Will This Docomo Sim Card Wearable Change How We Use Phones?

Japanese phone network Docomo have announced a new wearable that could potentially change the way that we use our phones, tablets and sim cards.

Docomo Portable SIM

When you’ve owned a two or three mobile devices over a few years, you’ve probably come to terms with the sim card swap. If you have a contract that you quite like (with a massive great data offering, plenty of SMS messages and more minutes than you could shake an alarm clock at) for a relatively decent price, you want to take that contract with you, in the future, even when you get a new device. And you upgrade and get your shiny new phone with its far faster processor and upgraded visuals or the tablet that you’ve always wanted to use for professional reasons rather than playing Angry Birds on a bigger screen but what happens to the device you left behind? And what do you do when you’ve got plenty of devices that could make great use of your SIM card but you only have one SIM card to your plan? Well for that, Docomo’s new wearable ‘Portable SIM’ could solve that problem.

The main feature of the device is that the Portable SIM would use one SIM and a simple wave of your hand to wireless log into your devices via Bluetooth and NFC technology. Effectively being a standalone authentication device (or a key that unlocks all) there’s hope that Docomo’s wearable device would allow you to log into phone networks and even transfer information over them. From phone numbers to log-in details, the Portable SIM could make it easier to make a phone call or a text on someone else’s phone when your own mobile is out of use.

As Japan’s largest phone network, Docomo certainly have the chops to pull it off and you’d certainly want them to as well. One of these reasons is that not only could it potentially allow for multiple devices wireless connected to one SIM, it would even work across Android and iOS so if you’ve got a pricey iPhone and a cheaper companion Android tablet, you’d be able to transfer info between the two like the devices were created by the same company. Currently, the prototype is a little large (although they’re looking to shrink it down to a wearable size) and there are reportedly even plans to allow the Portable SIM to connect to TVs and car systems so while that’s very ambitious, it sounds interesting and we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: Docomo

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