Dubstein Bluetooth Speaker Mug Brings Together Drinks and Wireless Music

We all know that when going camping, there are always more things you’d want to bring along than there’s room in the backpack. The Dubstein Bluetooth speaker mug solves part of that problem by combining two bulky items into one.

Toronto-based Jansen White came to realize that it wouldn’t be a bad thing if mugs had speakers built into them. With that thought in mind, he proceeded to founding Dubgear two years ago. About 20 prototypes

In an interview with Gizmag, lead designer Jonathan Loudon stated that “The speaker does get loud, testing around 100 dB, yet the sound is bass/ treble balanced.” In other words, the materials used for building the Dubstein Bluetooth speaker mug are of high quality, as otherwise the sound would’ve been terrible.

White added that “The beverage insert is single wall (similar to any coffee holder). The speaker base unit is double walled. So if you use the beverage container, then you get triple wall insulation. If you remove the beverage insert, and insert a bottle or tallboy (like a koozie), then you get double wall insulation.”

The body of the Dubstein speaker mug should stand some splashes and spills without problems, but it’s not completely waterproof.

Dubstein comes with two 3 W, 40 mm full-range neodymium speaker drivers, a Class-D amp and a 24-bit DAC, which is more than enough for a crisp sound.

The current version includes some custom electronics, but the retail one will rely on thirt-party components.

This measure should help cut down the production costs and eventually, the price people will pay.

Dubstein has plenty of controls, and the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity shouldn’t be that merciless on the battery. The developers claim that the lithium-ion battery should keep the speaker going for around 8 hours.

Dubstein by Dubgear is currently featured on Kickstarter, where its creators are trying to raise $75K CAD so that the speaker enters mass-production. At press time, people backed the project with just $5,576 CAD, but there are 28 more days to go, so the campaign is not hopeless.

Early birds can secure a Dubstein speaker for themselves by backing the project with $129 CAD. When those spots will be gone, people will have to pledge $149 CAD in order to get a speaker mug. Assuming that the campaign gets funded, delivery should start in November 2014.

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