The leaked Windows 10 build includes an Xbox app

The Windows 10 leak from a few days ago includes a special bonus in the form of an Xbox app. What does this represent for Microsoft?

Windows 10 leak xbox 1

Microsoft had mentioned their intention of “discussing gaming on PC”, and part of that effort is this Xbox app, which we can show via these screenshots from The Verge. These come straight from the Windows 10 leak from a few days ago, and show the app accessing the “entire Xbox ecosystem”, that is achievements, friends lists, activity feeds, and so on.

It seems that MIcrosoft’s intention of talking about gaming in Windows might instead just be a hefty push for Xbox. If nothing else, it just means “we created an app so you can see if your friends are playing while you’re on the computer doing spreadsheets”. Thanks, we guess? Again, it seems Microsoft themselves don’t even know what their platform is capable of. In other news, another app was Cortana, a voice assistant and Siri equivalent by Microsoft themed after the AI from the Halo series.

Windows 10 leak xbox 2

While we’re talking about video games, we can’t help but quote Adam Jensen from Deus Ex: Human Revolution: “I never asked for this”.

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