Microsoft Will Demo Windows 8 at 2012 CES

While still trailing Apple in quite a few different areas, Microsoft has managed to make some serious strides in certain technology corners.

Of course, one of the ways in which Microsoft has made real strides is in the smartphone department with the Microsoft Windows 7 phone.  In fact, these phones are so popular among the people who actually like Microsoft that it appears their newest operating system will look quite a bit like the phones’ home screens.  Of course, while Microsoft Windows 8 is one of the more anticipated releases of the year, there are still plenty of people who are excited about the newest Internet Explorer release.

Still, people are most often wondering when they are going to be able to get their hands or at least get a first hand look at Microsoft’s newest OS and now it appears that question has been answered as Steve Ballmer will be doing a whole lot of presenting at CES next year and the main thing he will be presenting is Microsoft Windows 8.

Ballmer is going to be one of the bigger keynote speakers at next year’s CES and while there won’t be a bunch of new gadgets for him to introduce, he will be able to spend a great deal of his time showing off everything that Windows 8 is capable of doing.  Because it is CES, there will almost certainly be a couple of different booths set up as well that will allow attendees to get some hands on work with the new programs.  Of course, just how long people are willing to wait for something that may or may not be a huge jump from Windows 7 is yet to be seen, but early reviews from people who have gotten beta copies of the first build of the new software have been pretty positive especially with a display that reminds many of a touch screen and makes  the build look a bit cleaner than previous versions.

This isn’t the first time Windows has  used CES for this kind of endeavor, back in 2009, Microsoft and Ballmer launched the first public beta of Microsoft Windows 7 and that proved to be a pretty successful approach.